Telling a story – that’s what MAYÍN is all about. The story told is just as important as the way it is being told: through music. If you want to find out the plot all you need to do is listen. He who listens will be taken to the most wondrous of locations between reality and fantasy.

MAYÍN, a mindful product of singer and frontwoman Misha Wong, was brought to life in 2014. The five members of the band met through the Rotterdam conservatory and immediatly felt a click: “we are ready to take over the world.” Although all five of them had their own distinctive musical backgrounds, these influences merged together in the most natural of ways into an intimate, explosive, dark and therefore illuminating whole.

MAYÍN brings its audience alternative and atmospheric music that does not easily lets itself be placed into a category. Their live performances will bring you on a journey through the deepest of sorrows and the purest of happiness. Together with Joachim van Marrewijk (keys), Joey de Boer (drums), Pepijn van der Kooij (guitar) and Tymen Langeslag (bass), Misha enchants and silences the room with her voice and makes the audience actively think about the large as well as the little things in life. Very seriously and very earnestly, but incredibly necessary in order to reach the goal of creating a greater appreciation of beautiful events and memories. “It’s a tough road, but you will do well in finding your path in the brightness between dark storms.”


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